Abies Ventures supports Deep Tech (advanced scientific and/or engineering technologies) to solve problems which cannot be solved by idea, mechanism or information distribution to contribute to the advancement and sustainability of the human beings.


Abies Ventures finds unique deep tech startups in Japan and worldwide, and grows them as global companies.



Focus on Deep Tech startups in these 3 advanced technology sectors, where Japan is one of the leading countries.

  • AI/Robotics/IoT

    ・Mobility・Industrial robot・AI platform・Sensor・Security・Communication technology・AR/MR

  • Computing/Semiconductor

    ・Decentralized processing/ server technologies・Edge computing・AI processor・Next generation memory・Quantum computing

  • Material/ Chemistry

    ・Materials Informatics・Nano material・Organic material・Bio material・3D printing・Next generation secondary cell・Battery management


A spinout from Tsukuba University, which advances the digitization of space based on its wave-control technologies

Wireless technology company to create advanced connectivity for digitization of physical assets in motion

Small Synthetic Aperture Radar (“SAR”) satellite constellations and big data / machine learning platform company

Quantum computing software company to develop tools to simplify the process of developing quantum software applications

Semiconductor memory IP supplier with disruptive MRAM technologies to replace SRAM and ultimately DRAM

A spinout from the University of Tokyo, which develops and provides algae based high functional products

Developer for the world’s smallest ultrasound system-on-a-chip sensor that enables touch sensing through virtually any material and any thickness