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Abies Ventures announces its investment in KINS Inc.

Mar. 1, 2022

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Abies Ventures, Inc. (Head Office: Tokyo, Japan; Managing Partner: Fuyuki Yamaguchi; hereafter, “Abies Ventures”) is pleased to announce that Abies Ventures Fund I, L.P. invested in KINS Inc. (hereafter “KINS”), which develops and provides Bacteria-based comprehensive health care products, in March 2022.


Abies Ventures is a venture capital that aims to discover startups possessing revolutionary high-level scientific or engineering technology (deep tech) that contribute to the advancement of civilization and the realization of a sustainable world, and develop them into global companies. Ground breaking new materials and applications associates with them are part of Abies Venture’s focused investment theme. 


KINS is a health tech company that supports the care of “bacterial flora” which governs beauty and health.

By building and analyzing a database of indigenous bacteria in the skin, scalp, and intestines of approximately 15,000 users (as of January 2022) since the launch of the brand, KINS is improving the accuracy of the offerings to its users. KINS has successfully raised a total of 950 million yen through a third-party allotment and loans from several financial institutions, bringing the total amount raised, to approximately 1.5 billion yen.


About Abies Ventures

•     Business: Venture capital to support deep tech startup companies

•     Headquarters: Minato City, Tokyo, Japan

•     Representative: Fuyuki Yamaguchi, Representative Director and Managing Partner

•     URL:


About KINS

•     Business: Develops and provides Bacteria-based comprehensive health care products

•     Headquarters: Meguro, Tokyo, Japan

•     Representative: Yutaka Shimokawa, CEO

•     URL:


Please direct all official enquiries regarding this press release to:

Abies Ventures, Inc. Partner Sota Nagano

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