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Abies Ventures announces its investment in Mawari Corp.

Feb. 10, 2023

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Abies Ventures, Inc. (Head Office: Tokyo, Japan; Managing Partner: Fuyuki Yamaguchi; hereafter, “Abies Ventures”) is pleased to announce that Abies Ventures Fund I, L.P. has invested in Marai Corp. (Head Office: California, USA; CEO: Luis Oscar Ramirez Solorzano; hereinafter, “Mawari”), a company that develops “3D content streaming platform” based on XR content cloud rendering and streaming technologies, for its Series Seed round.

Abies Ventures is a Japan-based venture capital firm that aims to discover startups that contribute to the further development of humanity and the creation of a sustainable society through the use of advanced science and engineering technology (deep tech), and to develop them into global companies. Its focus areas include advanced computing technologies to cope with the rapidly increasing data transmission and processing volumes resulting from the spread of Big Data, AI, video streaming, XR, etc.


XR technology is becoming increasingly popular in the industrial and entertainment sectors, but in order for XR/metaverse services to take off, it is essential to enable real-time, interactive 3D content experiences on mobile devices such as smartphones and smart glasses, without limitations of data processing power, battery, heat emissions, etc. Mawari’s proprietary 3D graphics compression and segmented rendering technologies and distributed 3D content delivery platform based on networks of GPU nodes will enable such experiences.


Founded in 2017 in Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan, Mawari has already successfully implemented over 40 XR experiences worldwide in partnership with innovative companies such as KDDI, T-Mobile, and Qualcomm. Its core 3D streaming and split-rendering technologies (both patent pending) have attracted significant attention from key players in the XR/metaverse industry and the investor community.


The need for such a scalable delivery platform for 3D content has also been recognized by industry leaders such as Google, Microsoft, Meta, Apple, and Qualcomm. While these companies have already invested heavily in the development of related technologies and content production, the bottleneck

they all face is the lack of a scalable, high-quality delivery system capable of simultaneously delivering large volumes of 3D graphic data to an unspecified large number of mobile devices. Mawari’s breakthrough technologies and networks focus on eliminating this bottleneck, bringing the experimental level applications currently active in the industry to a commercial level, and paving the way for business monetization.

Abies Ventures invested in Mawari because Mawari fits Abies Ventures’ mission of “supporting highly technological startups from Japan that aim to expand their business to the global market.


Press Release in English.

Press Release in Japanese.

Information about this financing of Mawari has been posted on Forbse’s website.
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