Developer and provider of “Mawari Network”, a scalable 3D content delivery platform for XR content using cloud rendering and streaming technologies for XR content.

URL https://mawari.io/新しいウィンドウで開きます
CEO Luis Oscar Ramirez Solorzano
Head Office USA (Silicon Valley)
Initial Investment July 2022

By providing a unique solution that solves all the issues of speed, quality, and data volume in the 3D content delivery, Mawari has solved the biggest bottleneck of XR/metaverse services, namely scalability, and has enabled real-time, interactive 3D content experiences without technical limitations. “Mawari Network” is the company's own proprietary solution to solve all the challenges of XR/metaverse services.

"Mawari Network" consists of the company's proprietary 3D graphics compression and split rendering technologies, and a distributed 3D content delivery platform using a network of GPU nodes.

Founded in Tokyo in 2017, Mawari has collaborated with major domestic and international B2C companies, major domestic and international telecommunications companies, and major Metaverse-related companies. In order to accelerate global expansion, the company moved its headquarters to the U.S. and established a R&D base in Canada in 2022.