1/3 The Underlying Premise

What do we need to do to create a promising bright future society for humanity? It won’t come to those who wait.
With the number of global populations reaching 9.7 billion by 2050, the deep issue facing the planet is the question of human survival.
Environmental degradation brought about by a quadratic increase in energy consumption, food problems, labor shortages, and other urgent issues need to be addressed and resolved on a global scale.

IT companies, which facilitate information distribution and computational technologies, have driven global innovation for the past two decades.
This has led to the development of data science, making it easier for society to collaborate through data, and advanced simulation technology.
Having said that, we believe that the only way to solve the deep issues that are piling up in the real world and to realize a future society that is desirable for humanity is by fostering global-scale startups with not only IT but also advanced science and engineering technology (deep tech) at their core, and that this is the only way to maintain the Anthropocene.

Deep Tech Chaos map

Data Science Accelerates Deep Tech Innovation, Discontinuous Innovation

fig: Deep Tech Chaos map

Realizing a Sustainable Society through Deep Tech

How Startups with Deep Tech at their core solve Deep Issues and realize a sustainable society

Deep Tech Verticals
  • Robotics・Mobility
  • High Performance Computation Tech・Telecom
  • New Material・Climate Tech
  • Space

Application examples of Deep Tech verticals

  • Efficient fully automated factory with digital twin simulation
  • Optimization of distribution routes to conserve energy and manpower
  • Autonomous drive, highly efficient drive control, etc.
High Performance Computation Tech・Telecom
  • High-efficiency information processing technology which improves both performance and power consumption
  • Robust and secure information and communication infrastructure etc.
New Material・Climate Tech
  • New Clean Energy
  • High-density battery
  • Recyclable materials
  • Heat insulating material
  • Greenhouse gas recovery and adsorption facility
  • Light-weight material to improve EV mileage etc.
  • Disaster Prediction and Surface Data Analysis for Urban Development with Low Environmental Impact
  • Cooperative Traffic Optimization Support System Using High-speed Satellite Communication
  • Efficient intercontinental travel/transportation, etc.

Solutions to Deep Issues
  • Appropriation for exponential increase in energy demand
  • Coping with climate change and deterioration of the natural environment
  • Resolve labor supply shortage due to aging society
  • Bolster information infrastructure security
  • Etc.

NORTHSTAR Realization of a sustainable society on a global scale

2/3 The Landscape

As the global macro-economy demands more environmentally conscious business practices, companies are finding that incremental improvements are no longer enough to meet regulatory requirements and compete.
Accelerated innovation has become the core of corporate competitiveness, and innovation using data science is occurring in manufacturing industries such as automobiles, electronics, and chemicals.
In addition to accelerating and streamlining the development of global products with many variables, it is becoming necessary to develop strategies that take into account the environmental impact (life cycle assessment) throughout development, production, use, and recycling.
Innovation will be accelerated by combining data science with deep tech in machinery, robotics, electronic components, and new materials.
Japan, a technologically advanced country and the second largest recipient of the Nobel Prize in the 21st century, has unlimited deep tech assets and many large related companies, so there are unlocked opportunities for deep tech startups.
It is no exaggeration to say that the fate of Japanese industry will depend on the number of deep tech startups that can be fostered.

3/3 On Abies

There is a world that can only be understood by those who have achieved it on their own.
The same is true for startups, and our team is made up of only experienced people who have successfully moved forward from the pilot seat and have accompanied and guided others. Startups are an adventure without a map.
Great technology and high aspirations of the founders are important, but not much is said about the people you meet, the vision you form, and how you make it happen.
Particularly in deep tech, where the technology, market, and funding are not always the same, it is necessary to build and promote the business from a broad perspective in order to make an impact in the global market.
While technology is the core of the business, it is difficult for first-time entrepreneurs to be aware of the global macro flow, examine the progression path from the final destination, and build and execute the strategy, development, team, and funding to realize the vision.
Abies Ventures is committed to contributing to the realization of a sustainable future society as a partner in realizing the vision of the entrepreneurs we support, by providing them with our team's knowledge and network (with domestic and international business companies, overseas conglomerates, governmental financial institutions, renowned capitalists, etc.) as appropriate for the phase. We will contribute to the realization of a sustainable future society.